Bargain Hunt Auctions. UX Review.

Why review this website?

Bargain Hunt Auctions was a fast-growing website with a lot of pain points.

Some of the most interesting UX case studies (for me) are sites which are frustrating to use, but people flock to them regardless. They offer a lot of opportunities for improvement, and there's usually something deeper to the experience which motivates people to struggle through.

The IxDA Sydney UX Mentoring Program

I undertook this UX review as an exercise for the IxDA Sydney UX mentoring program in 2015. It was an opportunity to demonstrate my capabilities and get targeted feedback from an experienced UX designer.

Screenshot of the Bargain Hunt website

Understanding the user experience.

Getting the lay of the land

My first step was to explore the website and it's features. This wasn't to form judgments about the user experience (although I did take notes), but rather to become conversant on the features of the site before talking to users. I also considered the features and presentation of the site in the context of similar competing websites that users may know.

Talking to the experts

The source of truth on the user experience is the users, so I spoke to some of them to find out how they use the site, what they like and don't like, and I observed them using it where possible. This exercise clearly demonstrated that every user engages with technology differently, and no two user experiences are the same. I was able to understand the differences better with deeper questioning, and performed analysis to identify the common themes.

Making it useful.
Report + Wireframes

A path forward

Based on what I learned from users and from using the site, I was able to identify some high-value areas for improvement. I compiled these into recommendations in the report, providing the reasoning and potential benefits for each. You can view the full mock report here

Drawing on experience

My recommendations included a redesign of the auction screen, so I developed wireframes to demonstrate the proposed changes. I also included alternative designs in an appendix for transparency, and to demonstrate the degree of consideration given to the design.